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UL1617 UL certified cable

UL1617 UL certified cable

UL1617 UL certified cable

UL& UL& CUL certified PVC wiring cables for internal wiring of control cabinets, medical technology equipment, electronic components and control devices, as well as for installation in mechanical engineering to protect hoses and pipes, and asconnection lines for transformers and motors.

Certification :   American UL certification  

Shielding :   Unshield  

Insulation material :   PVC  

Low temperature :   —40°C  

High temperature :   105°C  

Voltage :   600V  

Environment :   General indoor environment     Corrosive environment  

Installation way :   Fixed installation     Occasional flexing  

  • Product details
Product introduction
  • 01 Product application UL&UL&CUL certified PVC Cables for internal wiring of electronic modules and control systems.
  • 02 Product characteristics • UL certified control cable (UL&CUL) (UL&CUL)
    • Cold resistance
    • All common standard colors are available
  • 03 Technical certification • Conform to RoHS standard• Conform to 2014/35/EU Instruction (''Low voltage instruction'') CE• Bare wire is also available upon request
Product structure

Conductor material: Copper stranded wire

Conductor class: acc. to UL758 Standard, acc. to IEC 60228  Class 5

Core insulation: PVC

Core identification: Different colors

Rated voltage: 600V

Test voltage: ≤2AWG 2000V; 1-4/0  2500V;  250kcmil-500kcmil  3000V; 501kcmil-1000kcmil  3500V

Conductor resistance:UL1581 ASTM C class

Minimum bending radius fixed:4x d

Minimum bending radius moved:15x d

Operating temperature fixed minimum/Maximum: -40°C/105°C

Burning behavior: Self-extinguishing and flame retardant acc. to VW-1;FT1;


Product identification: E503807 ® AWM  Model number  specification  temperature  voltage  VW-1 or ® AWM I  A specification  temperature  voltage FT1

Product parameter

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