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Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical Industry-

The offshore environment of petrochemical industry is harsh, so the requirement of components is very high. Sea water, excessively high or low temperatures, vibrations, wind and oscillations caused by movement can all put a lot of stress on cables, hoses and power supplies. For these special applications, we have developed a number of products.

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Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial Water Treatment-

The components used in industrial water treatment are demanding because they operate continuously, and they are exposed to all kinds of weather and contact with fluids, microorganisms, oils and dirt. Our drag chain systems and cables are carefully designed to operate reliably over long periods of time in all imaginable conditions.

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Renewable Resources

Renewable Resources-

AEIN offers a variety of solutions for wind turbines and related equipment used in the production, transport and installation. These solutions can help you reduce downtime and costs. The required components include strong drag chains for torsional motion and highly flexible cables, such as for pylons, bearing systems and rotor blade adjustments.

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