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Petrochemical industry

The Marine environment is harsh, so the components are very demanding. Sea water, excessively high or low temperatures, vibrations, wind and oscillations caused by movement can all put a lot of stress on cables, hoses and power supplies. For these special applications, we have developed a number of products.These products can be used in wind turbines, on the cantilevers of drilling ships or oil RIGS, or in highly dynamic pipeline laying, ensuring that they have a reliable energy supply. In addition, these products are lightweight and maintenance-free.

  • Petrochemical industry
  • Petrochemical industry
AEIN Cable Advantage
  • Ein cableA complete system out of the box
  • Ein cableResistant to corrosion and sea water, tested for heavy duty applications
  • Ein cableLonger service life, more durable
  • Ein cableCertification for use in the oil and gas industry

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