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Renewable Resources

Wild fluctuations in temperature, strong winds, turbulence and dust storms: Wind turbines must operate reliably even in severe weather conditions. AEIN offers a variety of solutions for wind turbines and related equipment used in their production, transport and installation. These solutions can help you reduce downtime and costs. The required components include strong drag chains for torsional motion and highly flexible cables, such as for tower, orientation system and rotor blade adjustment. Wear-resistant bar stock and high-performance plain bearings that require no lubrication or maintenance are ideal for rotor blade adjustment and braking systems.

  • Renewable resources
  • Renewable resources
  • Ein cableSafe torsional and circular movements
  • Ein cableCable anti-vibration protection
  • Ein cableBearings free of maintenance and lubrication
  • Ein cableSuitable for compact installation space with small radius
  • Ein cable36 month warranty
  • Ein cableHigh static and dynamic load capacity
  • Ein cableWear resistance, stable size
  • Ein cableSilent operation
  • Ein cableMotorcycle optimization engineering plastic, constant friction coefficient
  • Ein cableLow cost

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