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2YH(ST)C11Y (6XV1840-3AH10) Ethernet Connection Cable

2YH(ST)C11Y (6XV1840-3AH10) Ethernet Connection Cable

6XV1840-3AH10 This cable is designed for the PRODINET protocol and is an industrial Ethernet FC TP standard cable suitable for continuous motion installation inside the tow chain.
  • Product details
Product introduction
  • 01 Product applicationThe cable is designed for PRODINET Protocol design for industrial EthernetFC TPStandard cable suitable for continuous motion installation inside towing chain.
  • 02 Product characteristics •Oil resistance
    •Waterproof•Corrosion resistance•Halogen-free
  • 03 Technical certification Conform to RoHS standard
Structural specification

Product specifications:1X2X22AWG

Conductor material:1/0.64Solid annealed copper conductor

Conductor class: acc. to IEC 60228standard

Core insulation:PEF  OD:2.55mm

Core identifier: white, yellow, blue, orange

Shield:Aluminum - plastic composite tape wrapped, tinned copper wire braided shield

Inner sheath:LSZH   OD:5.4mm

Outer sheath:TPU  OD:8.0mm

Jacket color: GreenRAL6018

Operating voltage:80V

Conductor resistance:Conform to IEC 60228 standard

Electrical data 

Damping per unit length 

● 9.6 kHz when / Maximum value   0.0025 dB/m 
● 38.4 kHz when / Maximum value    0.004 dB/m 
● 4 MHz when / Maximum value      0.022 dB/m 
● 16 MHz when / Maximum value     0.042 dB/m 

Wave resistance 

● rating     150 Ω 
● 9.6 kHz when    270 Ω 
● 38.4 kHz when    185 Ω 
● 3 MHz ... 20 MHz when   150 Ω 

Relative symmetric tolerance 

● 9.6 kHz The wave resistance of time   10 % 
● 38.4 kHz The wave resistance of time  10 % 
● 3 MHz ... 20 MHz The wave resistance of time 10 % 

Circuit resistance per unit length / Maximum value:110 mΩ/m 

Shielding resistance per unit length / Maximum value:9.5 Ω/km 

Capacitance per unit length / 1 kHz when   28.5 pF/m

Minimum bending radius: Fixed 5x d

Minimum bending radius: Moved 12.5 x d

Temperature range :-40 °C / +80 °C

Burning behavior:Self-extinguishing, consistentIEC 60332-1Standard, oil resistance meets IEC 60811-2-1(7X24h/90°C)

Product parameter
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