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Product introduction
  • 01 Product application
        • Used for households and offices, for appliances and applications with light wear, e.g. radios, table and floor lamps, office machines. 

  • 02 Product characteristics the materials used during manufacturing are cadmium-free, contain no silicone and are free from substances harmful to the wetting properties of lacquers
  • 03 Technical certification

     flame-retardant acc. to DIN VDE 0482-332-1-2 / DIN EN 60332- 1-2 / IEC 60332-1-2

Product structure
Cable structure


Copper wire bare, finely stranded acc. to DIN VDE 0295 Class 5 / IEC 60228 Class 5

Conductor insulation
PVC acc. to DIN VDE 0207-363-3 / DIN EN 50363-3 (compound type TI2)

Core identification acc. to DIN VDE 0293-308, 2 - 5 core(s): colour coded 6 - 7 core(s): black cores with consecutive labeling in white digits 

Protective conductor

starting with 3 cores, G = with protective conductor GN-YE, in the outer layer,  X = without protective conductor (OB)

Outer jacket PVC acc. to DIN VDE 0207-363-4-1 / DIN EN 50363-4-1 (compound type TM2) 

Length marking in meters

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