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Product introduction
  • 01 Product application For use in highly dynamic applications in energy supply chains, with high electrical and mechanical requirements for controlling of various drive components on DRIVE-CLiQ ® interfaces and transmitting digital signals, with a transfer rate up to 100Mbit/s. Suitable for use in dry and humid rooms. Outdoor use only with UV-protection.
  • 02 Product characteristicshalogen-free, flame retardant oil resistant acc. to IEC 60811-2-1free from lacquer damaging substances and silicone (during production) approbation UL/CSA, 300V, 80°C due to 300V UL/CSA approval parallel laying with other 300V cables is permittedconform to DESINA
    HF-characteristics Cat.5e acc. to IEC 61156-6
  • 03 Technical certification

    conform to RoHS conform to 2014/35/EU-Guideline ("Low-Voltage Directive") CE

     •We are pleased to produce special versions, other dimensions, core and jacket colours on request.

Product structure
Conductor material: Bare copper (AWG24), tinned copper (AWG22)
Conductor class: 19-wires
Core insulation: Polyolefin
Core identification: Pairs AWG24 GN/YE, PK/BU pair AWG22 RD/BK
Stranding: Cores and fillers twisted to pairs
Overall stranding: 3 elements stranded with fillers
Shield3: Alu-clad PET foil, metalside with contact to braid cover.100%, tinned copper braid, opt.cover. ≥85%                             
Outer sheath: PUR
Sheath colour: Green, RAL 6018
Outer diameter: Ca. 6,9 mm
Rated voltage: 300 V
Testing voltage: 500 V
Conductor resistance: AWG24 max. 95 Ω/km , AWG22 max. 55 Ω/km
Insulation resistance: At 20 °C ≥ 1 GΩ/km
Capacity: Data pairs: nom. 50 nF/km at 800 Hz
Characteristic impedance: 100 ± 15 Ω from 1 to 100 MHz
Transfer rate: 100 Mbit/s
Min. bending radius fixed: 35,0 mm
Min. bending radius moved: 75,0 mm
Operat. temp. fixed min/max: - 40 °C / +80 °C
Operat. temp. moved min/max: - 20 °C / +60 °C
Burning behavior: Acc. to IEC60332-1, UL 1581 §1090, §1100 (FT2)
Approvals: UL/CSA - cURus 300 V, 80°C

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