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AS/NZS 5000.3 Power Cable

AS/NZS 5000.3 Power Cable

AS/NZS 5000.3 Power Cable

SAA Standard Certified Cable AS-NZS 5000.3CU X-90 5V-90  5000.3 standard 0.6/1KV multi-core PVC control cable is free of harmful substances, in accordance with RoHS or REACH directive and SAA standard, so that the cable can be used in Australia, New Zealand market.

Certification :   Australian SAA certification  

Voltage :   0.6/1KV  

High temperature :   90°C  

Low temperature :   —5°C  

Insulation material :   XLPE  

Sheath material :   PVC  

Shielding :   Unshield  

Installation way :   Occasional flexing     Fixed installation  

Environment :   General outdoor environment  

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Product application

It is used for power, connection and control cables in electrical installations, for data and signal transmission. It is laid in fixed and mobile laying. The cable can be used in dry or wet rooms. They can also be used indoors and for  control in cable conduits. General application areas are as follows:

  • Power plant
  • Industrial and switching equipment
  • Electric power company
  • Circuit control
Product parameter
Product series SAA certified cable
Product classification Special cable
Type /
Cable standard AS/NZS 5000.3
Conductor material Bare copper
Core insulation XLPE X-90
Core color Optional
shield1(Optional) /
Full shield /
Inner sheathing material (optional) /
Outer sheathing material PVC 5V-90
Color of outer sheath Optional
Operating voltage 0.6/1KV
Test voltage /
Operating temperature -5℃ to 90°C
Bending radius 15XOD
Flame retardant standard AS/NZS 5000.3
Cable length 300 meters/volume

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