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YSLCY EU CE Certification Shielding Oil Resistant Cable

YSLCY EU CE Certification Shielding Oil Resistant Cable

YSLCY EU CE Certification Shielding Oil Resistant Cable

Power, control and connection cables in electric utilities. Used in environments where anti-electromagnetic interference is required for data and signal transmission.

Certification :   European CE certification  

Voltage :   300V     500V     300/500V  

High temperature :   80°C  

Low temperature :   —5°C     —40°C  

Insulation material :   PVC  

Sheath material :   PVC  

Shielding :   Shield  

Installation way :   Fixed installation     Occasional flexing  

Environment :   General indoor environment     General outdoor environment  

  • Product details
Product introduction
  • 01 Product application Suitable for fixed installation and no tensile load free, non-continuous reciprocating movement of occasional bending occasions. And dry or wet Spaces subject to moderate mechanical load,Suitable for torsional applications. Typical applications are wind turbines (WTG) in the spanning region.
  • 02 Product characteristics • Mainly can resist acid, alkali
    Oil resistance in accordance with DIN EN 50290-2-22 (TM54)  Standard shielding coincidenceEMCrequirement
  • 03 Technical certification • Conform to RoHS standard• Conform to 2014/35/EU-Guideline (''Low voltage Directive'') CE
    • We are pleased to produce special versions, other dimensions, core and jacket colours on request.

Structural parameter

Conductor material: bare copper wire

Conductor class: In accordance with IEC60228 cl.5 standard 

Core insulation:PVC-J-80-005

Core marking    < 0,5 mm²:5Core and below the use of color separation, in line withn. DIN 47100.5Multi-core cable above core adopts core separation , white ink dot distinguish; ≥ 0,5 mm²: 5Core and below use color separation, containing yellow/Green line, matchn. DIN 47100.5Multi-core cable above the core adopts black core wire, white ink numbered to distinguish(If there are special requirements to customize)

Hinge Layered stranding

ShieldTinned copper braid

Outer sheathing material:DQ PVC-H-80-005

Color of outer sheath:grey RAL 7001

Rated voltage:300/500 V

Test voltage:2 kV

Conductor resistance Conform to IEC 60228 cl. 5standard

Insulation resistance minimum 20 MΩ x km

Capacitance core/Core:120 nF/km; core/Shield:155 nF/km

Min. bending radius fixed 6 x d

Min. bending radius moved 20x d

Operat. temp. fixed min/max: -40 °C / +80 °C

Operat. temp. moved min/max: -5 °C / +80 °C

Maximum temperature + 80 °C Operating temperature; +150 °C Short-circuit temperature

Standard:Conform to EN 50525-2-51

Product identification      Aein bei ke   SHANGHAI  AEIN  WIRE & CABLE  CO.,LTD   Model number  specification voltage   CE   Meter scale

Product parameter

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